Giving blood ?? Take a look at you!!


Giving blood ?? Take a look at you!!

Blood is a great act of giving. But many people have become unconscious on getting themselves bloody. Check out what to know before giving blood.

Blood donation is not a very difficult task, but the fear works among many. But once you donate blood, you can understand that there is nothing to fear. Doctors usually collect blood by judging the donor’s physical fitness. However, there is some preparation required before donating blood.

Here are some of the things that should be done before giving blood-

  1. If the stomach is empty or filled with blood it is not okay to give blood. At least three hours before taking the blood, eat the stomach.
  2. After giving blood, you can accept the invitation to take breakfast. Do not do it. After that eat well.
  3. If you have a habit of smoking, do not smoke on the day of the blood. However, you can smoke at least 3 hours after giving blood.
  4. If you drink any kind of alcohol before 48 hours, do not give blood. It can cause patient problems.
  5. Measure the weight before giving blood. Your weight should be at least 50 kg.
  6. Sleep well on the night before blood.