Keep your body healthy by exercise in the winter


Keep your body healthy

Keep your body healthy during exercise in the winter and live livelily. Tips for Exercise To Keep Your Body Fresh and Healthy During Winter.

There is a hot feeling during the night, but it is felt a little warmer in the morning. There is no more left to the full winter. At this time, there is a powerful weapon but the exercise of shattering fatigue and exhaustion from the body at this time.

Regular exercise keeps body-minds as fun, it is also enjoyable in winter.

The body will be healthy, it will be in the future. If you want you can practice light exercises at home. Or at least half an hour can be done at any time during the morning or evening. Everyday walking will affect your blood circulation in all parts of your body.

In addition to the sweat, many poisonous substances are released from the body. In this, the skin looks like a special aspect of the body. Increases the brightness of the skin, the fading goes away.

Regular walks are good for the heart and the risk of heart disease is reduced. It is better to go to the gym and get regular exercise. During the light winter exercises, wearing a cotton-shaped T-shirt is good, with a trouser.

Take the lead after exercise.

They will keep the body warm and suitable for exercise. Before coming to the gym, the olive oil will be warmed in the body after the body will be warm. With water bottles and towels You can mix little sugar in the bottle.

Sugar will compensate for some of the calories that the body will lose in physical activity in the gymnasium. Those who exercise regularly, they will have plenty of water to eat. At the end of the exercise, the steam bath can be taken, it will remove the stomach. For those who want to eat fat in the gym, they can not be exercised in an empty stomach. Before going to the gymnasium, you can keep a banana with two bananas. Come back with four bananas, two cucumbers, two loaves, lemon with it.

At noon

At noon, a cup of rice, fish, and vegetables would be desired. At night, four pieces of bread, one pound potato, and sweet potato and vegetables. And those who come to the gym, before going to the gym for their health, four bananas and two big cakes.

Returned white egg white, one glass of milk, chicken with 200 to 250 grams of meat. In the afternoon, one cup of rice, vegetables, chicken meat, 200 to 250 grams, and pulses. At night a cup of rice, two egg white parts, chicken meat 200 to 250 grams and one glass of milk.

Fitness expert Bobby said, exercise is a loss of body strength, so to prepare the body of such a balanced food table will be required to meet the needs of the body. According to the structure of the body, there is a slight variation in diet.

In the winter, body muscles too tightly tied. For this, on the one hand, people lose their pace of work, and they also carry laziness in the body. But in the winter the energy of the body is stored more. So if you want to concentrate on bodybuilding for longer periods of time, this winter.