The rules for breastfeeding to the child


Find out how to breastfeed the baby. Many do not know how to breastfeed the baby. In this post, you can find out how, how many times a baby will be breastfed.

Breast milk is the right of the child. After birth, all the children who need food are in the mother’s milk. There is some useful information needed for breastfeeding that all the mothers and families need to know.

What would be the first meal of the baby

The baby’s first and only meal will be mother’s breast milk when a mother is pregnant, the baby becomes pregnant by day when the baby is born so that the baby is able to milk the baby after birth. After birth, the baby will be given milk to the mother’s shawl. The baby first needs this shawl milk. Shaw milk contains all kinds of vitamins and other components needed for the newborn baby. This milk goes out like a little light, and it is enough for the first two to three days. Many people still have honey, water from Mardi, and sugar water after birth, which should not be taken at all.

How long will the child drink breast milk?

Children should eat breast milk as well as other households for six months of age and up to two years. The baby is enough for breast milk for six months. No other food or water is required at this time. Breast milk is transitive, that means changes in milk according to the needs and needs of the child over time. It means that one day the age of the child is different and the needs of one year’s baby are different and Allah’s milk is prepared in different types of milk according to this requirement. After 6 months of the baby, it is not possible to increase the baby by breastfeeding, hence this time the other food needs to be given.

After the meal, the child cried

Many people think that after milking the child is not getting milk in the mud, it is not. A child is also a man, his winter-hot, well-liked, bad feelings have different feelings. The reason for the baby’s first tears is to get to the mother, if the mother is near, she feels secure. Besides, if it is hot-cold when the clothes are wet, the toilet, the urine, the milk in the stomach to eat milk, etc. can cause many problems. An experienced mother can easily understand why the child is crying. Every time the milk is given to the baby’s abdomen, the child will have to slap lightly on the neck after giving milk, and the child will not cry when the air comes out.

The way to understand if the baby is getting milk

A child plays just smiles all day long after eating milk, if his weight increases slowly and the pits at least 4 times a day in 24 hours, then he has enough milk to understand. Many parents will notice that the baby piss more often. If she drinks only 6-8 times of breast milk then there is nothing to worry about if the mother is getting milk just like her.

Effortlessly the way to breastfeed

After the birth, the baby will be helped to breastfeed as soon as possible. A close relative or a nurse can help with this. The newborn and the mother must stay at the same bed. The mother can feed the baby in the lap or while taking the lump, the baby’s part of the stomach and breast bore with the baby’s stomach should be eaten as much as possible by feeding the baby inside. To have enough milk for a mother to eat a little more than the other time. Everything that is needed to grow properly in the mother is in the mother’s milk. Playing breast milk increases the baby’s growth, is healthy, it is not easily contagious. Diarrhea, pneumonia, and other infectious diseases are lower in babies who breastfeed. They have more talent than those who did not breastfeed. So let’s help all of us breastfeed the baby.